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Vast - The pasture that really performs

Vast is the next generation in tetraploid perennial ryegrass breeding delivering the ultimate combination of density, quality, production and grazing preference for New Zealand farmers to maximise stock performance and productivity.

With an extremely late (+36 days) heading date, Vast offers the latest perennial ryegrass heading date on the market. Low seed head production after the initial seeding period, in combination with a very late flowering date, means Vast will provide high quality feed across the majority of the growing season.

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Cleancrop™ Brassica System 

Cleancrop™ is your all-in-one crop and weed management package.

How’s it work? Just plant the herbicide resistant Cleancrop™ seeds and then spray Telar® herbicide within 48 hours to control 23 problem weeds taking root, leaving all the goodness in the soil for your crop to thrive on. With reduced competition from weeds, crop yield and your return on investment goes up.

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We aim to add value to every part of the chain

Sales Agronomists Brian Young and Mike Fairbairn with Roslyn Downs farm owners Quentin and Andrew Miller.

We partner with Kiwi farmers to bring together expert advice and proven seed performance to increase profitability.

Every solution is as unique as the land it's grown on, so we dig deep into the needs of the farm, the farmer and their goals. Through education and better understanding of the potential benefits from different seed management and grazing/crop systems, we believe all farmers have the opportunity to improve their profitability through managing crops and feed. 

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Supported by a team of experts

As New Zealand's largest seed company, we have a national team of agronomists and industry specialists.

We help farmers make informed decisions about the right choice in seed and management practices to get the level of high quality feed needed to increase animal performance and production. 


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PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales and Agronomy team 2022.

Pallaton Raphno®

In a world where farming grows ever more challenging, Pallaton Raphno® has been purpose-bred to thrive.  

Developed by PGG Wrightson Seeds under the Forage Innovations joint venture with Plant and Food Research, Pallaton Raphno® (a hybrid between kale and radish) has been bred to perform in increasingly challenging environments.

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Agrecovery's Small Bag Recycling

Agrecovery's Small Bags Product Stewardship Scheme is a sustainable solution for recycling your seed bags (25kg and under in size) and eligible bags are FREE to recycle!

Visit the Agrecovery website for full instructions on how to prep your plastic and ensure it meets the acceptance criteria – agrecovery.co.nz

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Proud to be a platinum supporter of Meat the Need 

New Zealand farmers feeding New Zealand Families

 Respect for the environment and awareness of the impact we have on the world around us; its natural resources, ecosystems and our communities, are core to PGG Wrightson Seeds and our approach to issues of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. As a result of this, our support of Meat the Need was an easy decision; an initiative where New Zealand farmers feed New Zealanders who are most in need, was something we’re proud of.

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