Cleancrop™ Hawkestone swede

Hawkestone swede is a high yielding, yellow-fleshed, main crop swede with medium maturity. Along with a similar dry rot and clubroot tolerance to Aparima Gold swede, it also has a good tolerance to powdery mildew. With the added benefit of the Cleancrop™ Brassica System, Hawkestone swede is resistant to Telar® herbicide application at both pre- and post-emergence for excellent weed control. It is the first swede cultivar to be single plant selected for lower levels of grazing anti-nutritional glucosinolate compounds (progoitrin, glucobrassicin and neoglucobrassicin levels similar to Aparima Gold Swede).

  • High yielding, yellow-fleshed swede with medium maturity
  • Similar dry rot and clubroot tolerance to Aparima Gold
  • Good leaf disease tolerance
  • Plant glucosinolate levels similar to Aparima Gold swede
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Cleancrop™ Hawkestone swede.

Ultrastrike® pelleted swede

Clutha Gold Ultrastrike® pelleted swede.

With a weighted build-up coating (pellet), Ultrastrike® pelleted swede seed can be sown using precision drills. Yield is maximised through the even distribution of seed, sown at the correct rate and depth, which allows bulbs to grow more consistently and be protected from sun exposure or being eaten by birds or pests.

For farmers with a focus on outcomes over inputs, Ultrastrike® pelleted swede is a fantastic way to increase yields as long as they’re prepared to do the necessary paddock preparation and ongoing monitoring of the crop.

Ultrastrike® pelleted swede has an optimum sowing rate of 90,000 seeds/ha or 22 cm seed spacing in 50 cm rows. The size specification for pelleted swede seed is 3.25-4.00 mm.

*Based on Cleancrop™ Hawkestone swede crop at $1400/ha yielding 19,000 kgDM/ha. See the case study below for more information.


  • Maximum bulb yield through evenlydistributed sowing
  • Highly cost-effective outputs
  • Easy to sow (one bucket/ha)
  • Contains trace element molybdenum for enhanced growth
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