Seeds in Action sites are a unique combination of regional research as well as hands-on practical demonstration sites.


Seeds in Action sites allow anyone with an interest in forage agronomy to see our products and other seed companies’ products in real life situations in their local area.
There are six Seeds in Action sites strategically located throughout New Zealand with a variety of trials, both under commercial farming and trial conditions, designed to assist with cultivar and endophyte selection in a real-world environment. The sites also include sowing rate and cultivation method trials to showcase best practice.

The Seeds in Action sites are the final step in a research and development programme that has been operating in New Zealand for several decades now, with an annual investment of more than $18 million per year into the development of new and improved pasture and forage cultivars.

Open days are held regularly at these sites and tours can be organised by contacting either your seed retailer or local PGG Wrightson Seeds representative.