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We are leaders in our industry

PGG Wrightson Seeds is the country’s largest specialist supplier of New Zealand sourced and grown seeds.

With over 160 years of farming knowledge and experience in the back pocket, we understand the need for high quality feed. We’ve developed a range of grass and forage seeds New Zealand farmers can rely on for improved animal performance and production.

But the seed is just the start. As industry leaders and seed experts, we’re mindful of the role we play in helping our farmers grow New Zealand’s economy. We’re here to pass on our expert knowledge to help farmers boost productivity by learning the benefits of different seed management and grazing/crop systems.

Our commitment to making a significant impact on the seed industry and wider agribusiness sector sees us invest well in excess of $10 million a year into world leading science and innovation. We also have relationships with two primary research partners – AgResearch and Plant and Food Research. We incorporate animal grazing trials into plant breeding and deliver market leading technologies based on proven trial results.

We may be a large company, but we’re also grounded. Our staff are practical and focused on finding ways our seeds can ultimately increase meat, milk or wool production. We support our retailers in the delivery of our product and are respectful of their relationships. We’re driven by our values to be honest and transparent and take our responsibilities to farmers and retailers seriously.

Sales Agronomist Brian Young at the Gore regional research site.

We are innovators

Forage Agronomist Ethan Butcher on his farm in Southland.

We believe that with knowledge and confidence comes change.

Backed by generations of farming experience it is to the future we always look. Dedicated to research and development and progressing the science within the seed industry, we are driven to innovate so we’re ready to not only meet the ever-evolving needs of farmers but show them new ways to enhance profitability.

We invest in the ongoing development of new cultivars for the continual improvement of the quality, suitability and performance of feed. Development of novel endophytes for ryegrass and tall fescue has been a major technological breakthrough for the pastoral industry and has led to improved insect control delivering agronomic performance and ryegrass persistence.

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We are technical experts

As New Zealand largest seed company, we have a national team of agronomists and specialists dedicated to educating and supporting both our retailers and farmers.

We support our retailers with technical training and knowledge, so they can be confident they’re passing on the best advice and recommendations to suit their customers’ needs.

We help farmers make informed decisions about the right choice in seed and management practices/systems to get the level of high-quality feed needed to increase animal performance and production.

Seeds in Action®

And for anyone interested in forage agronomy, our Seeds in Action® trial/demo sites allow you to see our proprietary products and other seed companies’ products in real life situations. There are eight Seeds in Action® sites strategically located throughout New Zealand with a variety of trials, both under commerical farming and trial endophyte selection in a real-wordl environment. The sites also include sowing rate, cultivation method and seed treatment trials to showcase best practice. 

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Seeds in Action® site Gore.

We are outcome and value focused

Sales Agronomist Mike Fairbairn with Roslyn Downs farm owners Quentin Miller.

We’re genuine when we say we want to make a significant positive impact on our farmers’ productivity and performance.

Ensuring our seeds are the very best is part of that mission. Because our focus is always on measurable economic impacts, our seeds are developed through heavy investments in R&D and proven in trial results. Being able to provide farmers with confidence in seed performance is invaluable during a tough season.

But at PGG Wrightson Seeds, we believe seed is just the start. We aim to add value to every part of the chain. Supported by a team of technical experts and backed by generations of farming knowledge, we take a partnership approach to finding the best outcomes for each specific farm. Every solution is as unique as the land it’s grown on, so we dig deeper into the needs of the farm, the farmer and their goals.

Through education and better understanding of the potential benefits from different seed management and grazing/crop systems, we believe all farmers have the opportunity to improve their profitability through managing crops and feed.


Our businesses have a reputation for excellence and our people do too! We offer opportunities across a broad range of careers, from technical, agricultural expertise, sales and support to research and development, logistics, finance and more.

We service both local and global markets, encompassing all facets of the seed market, from research and development to seed supply, distribution and on-farm support.

Come and grow your career with us!

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Extension Agronomy Manager Tom Hore.