World class seed production in a maritime, temperate climate

PGG Wrightson Seeds contracts seed production and has production capability across all New Zealand’s main seed growing areas. We have our own production research capability and experienced scientists, agronomists and field staff providing technical support to growers to maintain seed yield and quality. 

Over 65 species and 400 varieties of seed are grown on over 20,000 hectares, both for PGG Wrightson Seeds’ own global forage seed sales and under multiplication agreements for other seed companies spread over 50 different countries. Seed types include forages, hybrid and open pollinated vegetable seeds, industrial seeds, pharmaceutical seeds, cereals and pulses. All production is done directly between PGG Wrightson Seeds and its contracted growers.

PGG Wrightson Seeds has its own ISTA accredited seed testing laboratory at our Kimihia research facility for quality control, although all official testing is conducted through New Zealand’s government owned National Seed Testing laboratory. The laboratory services provided include:

Seed Analysis

Issuance of Orange International Certificates, Purity and Other Seed Determination, Germinations

Vigour testing, Fluorescence testing


Endophyte (Seedborne and Viable)

Rhizobia enumeration

Grain Grading

Test weight, Kernel weight (TSW)

Protein, Moisture