PGG Wrightson Seeds is a New Zealand-based company and Oceania’s largest seed company, that has been helping farmers for over 150 years.

The company was formed in 2005 following a merger between Pyne Gould Guinness and Wrightson; companies which can trace their formation back to 1851 and 1868 respectively. Earlier in 2005, PGG had purchased Agricom, another New Zealand seed company, which remains one of our two main product portfolios. 

Since 2019 PGG Wrightson Seeds have been part of DLF, a Danish seed grower co-operative that has grown to become a global leader operating in more than 100 countries and employing 2000 people. DLF has significant markets in Europe and North America and with the acquisition of PGG Wrightson Seeds has added New Zealand, Australia and South America making DLF one of the world’s largest seed companies.

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