Collaborating for a more prosperous primary industry

PGG Wrightson Seeds has key relationships with two primary research partners – New Zealand Crown Research Institutes, AgResearch and Plant and Food Research.

With these partners, we have two joint venture companies; one with AgResearch called Grasslands Innovation Limited, which focuses on the breeding of grass, clover and herbs, the other being Forage Innovations Limited with Plant and Food Research, which focuses on forage brassicas and forage cereals. We also work with AgResearch on novel endophyte technologies for ryegrass and tall fescue.

We also work with universities and research organisations across New Zealand and Australia, including a partnership with the University of Western Australia in the breeding of annual clovers. 

Success Stories


Development of novel endophytes for ryegrass and tall fescue, in conjunction with AgResearch and Grasslanz Technology Limited, has been a major technological breakthrough for the pastoral industry and has led to improved insect control delivering agronomic performance and improved pasture persistence. It is estimated that AR37 novel endophyte alone will have contributed NZ$3.6 billion1 to the NZ economy over the life of its IP protection.

Cleancrop Brassica System™

The Cleancrop™ Brassica System is a weed management system which eradicates a range of key problem weeds commonly found in brassica crops. Developed through the Forage Innovations Limited joint venture with Plant and Food Research, this truly game-changing system enables farmers to control weeds at the time of sowing and can be used where a simple weed control programme is required to control a wide range of historically difficult-to-control weeds. 



Developed under the Forage Innovations joint venture with Plant & Food Research, Pallaton Raphno® is a raphanobrassica, a hybrid between kale and radish, which combined six highly desirable traits to create a crop that performs for farmers within increasingly challenging environments. It is the first new brassica species in New Zealand since the 1980s.


Ecotain® environmental plantain has been shown to reduce nitrogen leaching from the urine patch. Lincoln University studies show a reduction in nitrogen leaching by 89% compared with ryegrass white clover. In all other aspects, Ecotain is an excellent example of high quality, productive forage plantain.