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As New Zealand's largest seed company, we have a national team of agronomists and specialists dedicated to educating and supporting both our retailers and farmers.

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North Island

Agronomist Sales Representative Craig Booth Northern Waikato Northland

Craig Booth

Area Sales Agronomist

Julie Briden

Forage Agronomist
Lower North Island

Forage Agronomist North Island Holly Phillips

Holly Phillips

Forage Agronomist
North Island

Sam Wiltshire

Area Sales Agronomist
Northern Waikato

South Waikato Bay of Plenty Greg Zeuren Agronomist Sales Representative

Greg Zeuren

Area Sales Agronomist
South Waikato/ Bay of Plenty

Agronomist Sales Representative Paul Greenbank Eastern North Island

Paul Greenbank

Area Sales Agronomist
Eastern North Island

Duncan Phyn Southern North Island Agronomist Sales Representative

Duncan Phyn

Area Sales Agronomist
Southern North Island

Forage Agronomist Lydia Proffit

Lydia Proffit

Forage Agronomist
Upper North Island

South Island

Product Development Manager Wayne Nichol

Wayne Nichol

Product Development Manager

Forage Agronomist Ethan Butcher Southland

Ethan Butcher

Forage Agronomist
Lower South Island

Stu Hunter

Forage Agronomist
Upper South Island

Tom Hore

Tom Hore

Extension Agronomy Manager

Agronomist Sales Representative Chris Sanders Northern South Island

Chris Sanders

Extension Agronomist
Northern South Island

Southland Brian Young Agronomist Sales Representative

Brian Young

Area Sales Agronomist
Southern South Island

Richard Goldie

Richard Goldie

Area Sales Agronomist
Central South Island

Sales Agronomist Mike Fairbairn

Mike Fairbairn

Area Sales Agronomist
Southern South Island

Charlotte Westwood

Veterinary Nutritionist

General Enquiries

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customer service

OUtSide of NZ