How’s it work?

Just plant the herbicide resistant Cleancrop™ seeds and then spray Telar® herbicide within 48 hours to control 23 problem weeds taking root, leaving all the goodness in the soil for your crop to thrive on. With reduced competition from weeds, crop yield and your return on investment goes up.

Cleancrop™ Benefits


CONTROL WEEDS within 48 hours of sowing*

NO MOISTURE REQUIRED# to activate Telar® herbicide




*For weeds listed in table below that require Telar® applied as a foliar spray at post emergence, an application can be made when the crop is at the fourth-true leaf stage or later.
**When applied pre-emerge Telar® is taken up through the roots of weeds when conditions promote their growth.

Regular brassica crop (left) with a high weed burden of wild turnip and Cleancrop™ Firefly kale (right) with Telar® herbicide applied.


Telar® herbicide deals with 23 weeds during sowing and frees up nutrients for your crops to thrive


Telar® herbicide controls the following weeds:

Apply Telar® at the pre-emerge stage within 48 hours of sowing. 


Calandrinia Fathen Scentless Chamomile  Vetch
Californian Thistle*  Hawksbeard  Scotch Thistle White Clover
Chickweed Nodding Thistle  Shepherd's Purse Wild Turnip*
Cornbind  Rayless Chamomile  Spurrey (Yarr) Willow Weed
Dandelions  Redroot Stinking Mayweed Yellow Gromwell  
Docks Scarlet Pimpernel Twin Cress    

*Apply Telar® post emerge when Cleancrop™ brassicas are at the fourth-true leaf stage. Do not apply after the 6-8 leaf stage. Consult your accredited Agent/Retailer to order your second Telar® spray.

Cleancrop™ Packages

All Cleancrop™ Brassica System cultivars are ordered on a per hectare basis and include 20 g/ha Telar®.

Leafy Turnip 4 kg/ha
Rape 4 kg/ha
Bulb Turnip (Summer) 2 kg/ha
Bulb Turnip (Winter) 1 kg/ha
Toto Turnip 2 kg/ha
Hawkestone Swede 1 kg/ha
Hawkestone Swede (Pelleted) 90,000 seeds/ha
Firefly Kale 4 kg/ha
Sarge Kale 4 kg/ha

The Cleancrop™ Brassica System is unique. PGG Wrightson Seeds sell it as a package, i.e. Seed + Chemical. One item cannot be purchased without the other. Agents/ Retailers have to be accredited to sell the Cleancrop™ Brassica System to ensure stewardship is maintained.

Grazing Withholding

The grazing withholding period following the use of Cleancrop™ rape, kale and leafy turnip is 28 days after application, and 42 days after Telar® application for Cleancrop™ bulb turnip, Toto turnip and Hawkestone swede.

For more information and/or to place an order, talk to your local accredited seed retailer. 



Where: Kakahu Angus, South Canterbury
Farm Type: Sheep, Beef & Dairy
Who: Jeremy Winchester

Tucked between Fairlie and Geraldine in South Canterbury, Kakahu Angus is a 1,600 ha sheep, beef and dairy operation, with 1,000 breeding cows, 430 dairy cows and 2,400 breeding ewes.

At Kakahu Angus, all stock winter on farm, so a successful winter crop is vital. But what started as a small patch of wild turnip was spreading further each year, creating real concerns for the farm’s brassica cropping programme.

Jeremy Winchester, Ag Manager at Kakahu Angus, first heard about the Cleancrop™ Brassica System from his local field rep. When he was told it was an effective all-in-one solution that could control his wild turnip problem, he “pulled the trigger and gave it a whirl.”

“It’s great to be able to remove brassica out of a brassica”

The Cleancrop™ Brassica System combines the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar® and plants bred to resist it. And for Jeremy, the simplicity of the system has been key. “It’s really easy to use and gives us more options.”

He started using Cleancrop™ Firefly kale last year and was able to effectively control problem weeds within the crop. This has been crucial to the success of this year’s brassica crops and has also helped protect the property from potential diseases often carried by wild brassica.

Jeremy plans to continue using Cleancrop™ Firefly kale to help clean up the paddocks. And with the short 3 month plant back period for grasses, clovers, and herbs, he plans on also using Cleancrop™ Toto turnip as a summer crop  on the dairy platform to control dock without compromising autumn establishment.

Sales Agronomist Richard Goldie and Extension Agronomy Manager Tom Hore with Kakahu Angus Ag Manager Jeremy Winchester.


PGG Wrightson Seeds Sales Agronomists Brian Young and Mike Fairbairn with Rosyln Downs farm owners Quentin and Andrew Miller.
Sales Agronomists Brian Young and Mike Fairbairn with Rosyln Downs farm owners Quentin and Andrew Miller.


Where: Rosyln Downs, Southland 
Farm Type: Sheep & beef 
Who: Quentin & Andrew Miller

Located at the base of the Hokonui Hills in Southland, the Miller Family (Quentin, Jason and Andrew) have been farming at Roslyn Downs for over 60 years.

They have grown traditional swedes and have been happy with them as a brassica crop but needed a better system for weed control. The wild turnips have especially taken off, compromising the crop yield potential.

Their local field rep knew the weed history of the land and recommended they try the Cleancrop™ Brassica System as an effective solution to help clean out the paddock.

The Cleancrop™ Brassica System combines the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar® and plants bred to resist it—for the Millers this meant they were able to spray the herbicide to tackle problem weeds at the time of sowing, stopping that wild turnip in its tracks.

They’ve also been impressed with the drought tolerance through a dry season in Southland and the good disease
tolerance with no signs of any mildew, dry rot, or clubroot.

This has been the Millers first year using Cleancrop™ Hawkestone swede and when asked if they’d consider the Cleancrop™ system again next year, it was a resounding “yes”.



Where: Pahiatua 
Farm Type: Dairy 
Who: Grant & Charlotte Bennett

Pahiatua dairy farmers Grant and Charlotte Bennett needed a high quality summer protein feed and cleaner new pastures to help maximise their dry matter (DM) production and Cleancrop™ Toto turnip ticked all the boxes.
The Bennetts were able to use Telar® to target and control their key problem weeds from the time of sowing, giving the turnips the best possible start. Weed competition can reduce the nutritional value of crops and cause a significant reduction in yield.
Last spring, they planted 15 hectare (ha) of Cleancrop™ Toto turnip to bolster their summer feed budget and despite being drilled in wet conditions, the crops produced 13-14 tDM/ha.
Achieving a high yielding crop in a short timeframe diluted their fixed costs and provided a low-cost, reliable feed supply over the summer months. And the crop-fed cows have had a higher quality diet resulting in improved milksolids production and maintained body condition.

And they couldn’t be happier.

Sales Agronomist Paul Greenbank with dairy farmer Grant Bennett.