Benefits of brassicas

Brassicas provide a bulk amount of high quality feed to maximise growth rates and increase the number of stock finished or maintained per hectare.

When to use brassicas

Brassica forage crops produce large yields of high quality, homegrown forage from options that can be fed from early summer through to late winter. They should be considered in any situation where pasture quantity or quality is limiting the potential of livestock.

  • During periods of feed shortage through the summer, autumn and winter
  • To supplement periods of low pasture quality
  • To finish stock
  • When a summer-safe feed is required
  • Prior to pasture renewal

Why choose PGG Wrightson Seeds brassicas?

  • We are New Zealand’s market leading supplier of brassica seed
  • Our joint forage brassica breeding programme (Forage Innovations Ltd) combines our expertise with Plant and Food Research (NZ)
  • The result is a range of class-leading brassicas

We are committed to providing forage crop seed that not only produces high quantities of feed, but also leads to improved animal performance through feed quality, thereby providing positive benefits to the New Zealand farmer.


Sales Agronomist Brian Young at the Gore research and development site holding the a next generation swede variety.

Winter Brassica options

Summer brassica options

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