short kale

  • High yielding, short to medium-height kale

  • Excellent stem softness to promote crop utilisation and good stem quality to enhance animal performance

  • Large paddle-shaped leaves provide exceptional leaf yields and a very high leaf-to-stem ratio

  • Versatility to be used as an autumn forage

  • Very good winter hardiness, and late winter leaf percentage

  • Late flowering to increase the period of feeding in late winter

  • First and Second Crop Options

Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 4 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 150 to 220
  • Growing Seasons Spring, Summer
  • Grazing Seasons Autumn, Winter

Sarge is a short to medium type kale, which offers an alternative to Kestrel kale when a high degree of weed control is required via the Cleancrop™ system. Sarge has a high leaf to stem ratio and is soft stemmed which leads to improved crop utilisation.

Due to its stem softness and later flowering, Sarge can be sown to supplement diets of grazing animals not only in winter but can be utilised as an alternative late autumn forage and if lightly grazed can regrow for winter feed.

The second kale to be part of the Cleancrop™ Brassica System, Sarge has been bred with a herbicide resistant trait which allows the application of Telar® herbicide at both pre-and post-emergence for excellent weed control.

Control weeds. Increase yield

The Cleancrop™ Brassica System is a crop and weed management solution all in one. 

Only Cleancrop™ combines the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar® and plants bred to resist it. Telar® takes care of 23 hard-to-control weeds at the time of sowing, freeing up moisture and nutrients to give your crop the best chance of maximising performance and delivering superior returns on your seed investment. Telar® cannot be used with conventional brassicas.

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