Summer turnip

  • Highest yielding summer bulb turnip available, a potential yield 15,000 kgDM/ha
  • High leaf-to-bulb ratio resulting in high levels of protein
  • Shown in an independent animal trial to increase summer/autumn milksolids production by 25%
  • Tankard bulb shape enhances crop utilisation and reduces the risk of choke associated with round bulbs
  • High source of metabolisable energy (MJME) with high protein bulb and leaf
  • Early maturing for excellent summer feed
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 3 kg/ha
  • Days to Grazing From 60 to 90
  • Growing Seasons Spring, Summer
  • Grazing Seasons Summer, Autumn
  • Potential Yield 15,000 kgDM/ha
  • Utilisation 90%

Barkant® bulb turnip is the highest yielding summer bulb turnip available in New Zealand. You deserve the best turnip on the market and your stock deserve the best quality feed. Barkant offers unbeatable proven performance year after year. A high quality feed with a high metabolisable energy (ME) value to achieve greater animal performance. It is a high-performance feed for lactating dairy cows, supplying the energy required to boost milk production. Barkant delivers supplementary protein within the leaf and water soluble carbohydrates in the bulb, offering an ideal feed to balance summer pastures. 

Bulb type: Tankard
Maturity: Early
Number of grazings: 1

Sowing rate

1-3 kg/ha

Sowing rates can vary between 1-3 kg depending on climatic conditions and environment.

The tankard bulb shape of Barkant turnips minimises the choke risk often associated with round bulbs. 

Ben Moore

We have consistently grown 17 tonne of dry matter for the last two years. Split planting dates are used to manage summer protein deficits and to combine quantity with quality.

Ben moore, Waikato