small-medium leaf white clover

  • Good persistence due to high stolon density, enabling it to tolerate a set stocking grazing system
  • New Zealand bred to be competitive against invasive grasses such as browntop
  • Good option for low soil fertility and summer dry conditions
  • Well-suited to wet and dry conditions of hill and high country grazing systems
  • Oversowing option with Prillcote® seed treatment
Farm Type

Grasslands Hilltop was bred to cope with more challenging environments, from variable soil fertility to variable moisture availability, it is a very robust and persistent small-medium leaf white clover. When compared to Tahora II, Hilltop has a higher stolon density that has led to increased persistence. A breeding focus for Hilltop was to promote competitiveness against invasive grasses such as Browntop to help it survive in the reverted pastures often found in New Zealand.

Sowing and establishment

Hilltop white clover can be established at 4-6 kg/ha following recommended pasture establishment procedures. The use of Superstrike® clover seed treatment will improve seedling establishment. It is also an ideal option for oversowing with Prillcote® seed treatment.

Sowing rate: 4-6 kg/ha (Superstike® Hilltop with grass and herb components)

Grazing Management

The grazing method used for Hilltop white clover will depend on the grass and herb components included in the pasture mix. It has been bred to cope with intensive sheep grazing, but can persist under a number of situations and stock classes.