Large leaf white clover

  • Latest generation, New Zealand bred white clover
  • Bred to persist and perform in the modern pasture sward
  • High performing, large leaf clover
  • Dry matter yield that strengthens with time
  • Increased yield leads to more nitrogen (N) being fixed, reducing the need for N fertiliser application
  • Large leaf captures more sunlight, leading to higher yields
  • Good option for rotational grazing


Farm Type

Grasslands Legacy is a high performing, large leaf white clover well-suited to rotational grazing in both dairy and drystock cattle systems. Dry matter yield strengthens over time. Its vigorous growth rate improves its tolerance to Clover Root Weevil. A tall growth habit ensures Legacy can persist and perform in a modern pasture sward, making it easier for animals to graze.

Sowing and establishment

Legacy white clover can be sown in autumn or spring at 4-6 kg/ha and is best sown with erect-growing species such as ryegrass and tall fescue. The use of Superstrike® clover seed treatment will improve seedling establishment. For best performance, Legacy should be lightly grazed frequently during the establishment phase.

Sowing rate: 4-6 kg/ha (Superstrike® Legacy with grass and herb components)

Grazing management

Due to its erect growth habit, Legacy is ideally suited for rotational grazing systems.

Legacy white clover in a pasture mix with Base perennial ryegrass and Quartz white clover; a productive pasture ideal for dairy farm systems. 



Wayne Nichol

Legacy is a New Zealand bred large leaf white clover that has been selected for improved adaptation to modern pastoral systems relative to traditional cultivars such as Kopu II. Published results prove that Grasslands Legacy when sown with ryegrass, across a number of regional sites had significantly increased seasonal and annual yield under grazing relative to a number of comparable cultivars including Kopu II. 

Wayne Nichol, Extension agronomist and nutritionist, Pgg wrightson seeds