medium leaf white clover

  • Excellent fit across multiple farm systems
  • High yielding
  • Versatile option that has broad adaptability across a range of conditions
  • Used in pasture, specialist and renovating pasture mixes
  • Excellent persistence from high stolon density (relative to leaf size)


Farm Type

Grasslands Quartz is a persistent, medium leaf white clover with broad adaptability across environments and farm systems. Quartz performs well under dairy, sheep and beef grazing management. When compared to Bounty white clover, Quartz offers higher dry matter yields and increased stolon density for even greater persistence. Quartz has been trialled throughout New Zealand and performed well.

Sowing and establishment

Quartz white clover can be sown at 4-6 kg/ha following recommended pasture establishment procedures. Quartz performs best in moderate to high soil fertility. The use of Superstrike® clover seed treatment will improve seedling establishment.

Sowing rate: 4-6 kg/ha (Superstrike® Quartz with grass and herb components)

Grazing management

Quartz will provide best results under rotational grazing systems for sheep, cattle and deer. It can cope with short periods of set stocking and oversowing situations.

A mixed sward of Quartz white clover and Platform perennial ryegrass, producing high-quality feed for grazing animals.