Perennial ryegrass

  • High yielding with strong all year round production
  • Excellent feed quality
  • Fine leaf with high tiller density
  • Late flowering (+12 days)
  • Strong persistence (AR37)


Farm Type
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 25 kg/ha
  • Growing Seasons Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
  • Heading Date Late
  • Tetraploid/Diploid Diploid

Platform is a persistent diploid perennial ryegrass# offering high yields of quality feed and year-round dry matter production. Outstanding quality is achieved through low aftermath seed head production and fine dense tillers making it a versatile option for productive environments.

Platform has performed strongly in New Zealand trials demonstrating year-round growth with noted summer/autumn productivity. In independent National Forage Variety Trials Platform AR37 has performed well and been awarded five star status in the lower North Island DairyNZ Forage Value Index.

#Platform has been bred, selected and successfully tested as a perennial and will function as a perennial ryegrass. Due to a small number of tip awns, Platform is certified as Lolium boucheanum.

Platform perennial ryegrass, Te Kuiti


Platform was bred from a combination of leading New Zealand and north-west Spanish genetics, resulting in both spring and cool season growth when it is needed most. Platform has undergone testing to ensure its adaptability across all ryegrass growing regions of New Zealand.

Heading Date

Early Mid-Season Late Very Late
    Platform: 12 days later than Nui

Sowing and Establishment

Platform perennial ryegrass can be sown at 15-25 kg/ha with Superstrike® treated clover.

Grazing Management

Platform perennial ryegrass will produce better under rotational grazing. Avoid hard set stocking during periods of stress (eg. droughts, low soil fertility and insect attack).

Mix Suitability

Platform perennial ryegrass combines well with other components of a pasture mix (e.g. short rotation ryegrass, cocksfoot and Grasslands Puna II chicory and clover).


Dairy Pasture Mix
Platform perennial ryegrass 21 kg/ha
Legacy white clover 2 kg/ha
Quartz white clover 2 kg/ha

Sheep and Beef Pasture Mix
Platform perennial ryegrass 21 kg/ha
Quartz white clover 2 kg/ha
Hilltop white clover 2 kg/ha

For increased animal performance, nitrogen fixation and pasture management, add Amigain red clover to pasture mixes at 4-6 kg/ha.

Our cows clean up the Platform paddocks better than other cultivars, as a result I’ve reduced the amount of topping required to hit target post-grazing residuals.

Mark Sing, Bridgenorth Farms, Morrinsville, Waikato