Perennial ryegrass

  • Excellent dry matter in challenging conditions
  • Strong persistence (AR37)
  • Fine leaf and dense tillers
  • Good rust tolerance
  • Very good summer, autumn and winter growth


Farm Type
Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 25 kg/ha
  • Tetraploid/Diploid Diploid

A versatile diploid with fine leaves and dense tillers bred to cater for a range of environments. Rely is a resilient option that can tolerate lower soil fertility and periods of set stocking.

Ideal for diary and intensive sheep and beef farms in more challenging environments. Mid-season heading (day 0). Rely will go the distance yielding and persisting, year after year. 

Heading Date

Early Mid-Season Late Very Late
  Rely: Same as Nui    


Sowing & Establishment

Rely perennial ryegrass can be sown at 15-25 kg/ha with Superstrike® treated clover.

  • Soil Fertility High (Olsen P 18+)
  • Pasture Life 5 years+

Grazing Management

Rely perennial ryegrass will produce and persist better under rotational grazing. Avoid hard set stocking during periods of stress (e.g. droughts, low soil fertility and insect attack).

  • Grazing Method Rotational Grazed – Long Term

Mix Suitability

Rely perennial ryegrass combines well with other components of a pasture mix (e.g. short rotation ryegrass, cocksfoot, Grasslands Puna II chicory and clover).

Example pasture mixes

Dairy Pasture Mix
Rely perennial ryegrass 21 kg/ha
Legacy white clover 2 kg/ha
Quartz white clover 2 kg/ha

Sheep and Beef Pasture Mix
Rely perennial ryegrass 21 kg/ha
Quartz white clover 2 kg/ha
Hilltop white clover 2 kg/ha

For increased animal performance, nitrogen fixation and pasture management, add Amigain red clover to pasture mixes at 4-6 kg/ha.

Jess donaldson

Jess has found Rely to work well under both set stocking and rotational grazing. Jess set stocked their triplet bearing ewes on 9 ha where the ewes put on condition. Through summer Jess had fat lambs on rotation between Rely and native pastures and found Rely could handle a higher stocking rate and bounced back faster. Rely will be used in their pasture renewal programme because of its persistency and excellent regrowth. 

Jess donaldson, king country