• Soft fine leaves providing increased palatability
  • High yielding with improved cool season growth
  • Excellent dryland production and autumn drought recovery
  • Very good disease (crown rust) resistance
  • Low aftermath heading
  • New Zealand bred for local conditions
  • Sowing Rate 32 kg/ha
  • Heading Date Early

Quantica is a soft, finely leaved continental tall fescue selected for improved animal palatability and rust resistance. Quantica is a deep rooted, robust, productive variety offering more persistence than perennial ryegrass and can tolerate waterlogging, salinity, Grass Grub, heat and drought.


Quantica tall fescue in a mixed pasture sward

Quantica tall fescue in a mixed pasture sward with Quartz and Hilltop white clovers. 


Tall fescue has a relatively slow seedling growth compared to perennial ryegrass, so must not be sown in ryegrass pasture mixes. Sow in spring or early autumn at 22-32 kg/ha (Superstrike® treated seed) with 4-6 kg/ha Superstrike treated white clover and with Grasslands Puna II chicory. Sow within the range of 5-15 mm, certainly not deeper. In pasture mixes with lucerne, Quantica should be sown at 8-12 kg/ha with 8-12 kg/ha of Stamina 5 lucerne.


MaxP® is a novel tall fescue endophyte that improves the ability of tall fescue pastures to handle pest attack and moisture stress. Unlike ryegrass endophyte, MaxP endophyte produces a loline compound. This compound along with peramine is likely to be a key factor in providing protection against Argentine Stem Weevil, Black Beetle, Pasture Mealy Bug and Root Aphid. Once established tall fescue is naturally more tolerant to Grass Grub than ryegrass cultivars.


Dairy Pasture Mix
Quantica tall fescue 22-28 kg/ha
Legacy white clover 3 kg/ha
Quartz white clover 2 kg/ha 

Sheep and Beef Pasture Mix
Quantica tall fescue 22-28 kg/ha
Quartz white clover 2 kg/ha
Hilltop white clover 2 kg/ha

For increased animal performance, nitrogen fixation and pasture management, add Amigain red clover to pasture mixes at 4-6 kg/ha.