Rocket Fuel® 

chicory and clover mix

  • Highly palatable
  • Excellent feed for high liveweight gains
  • Provides high quality feed through summer
  • High protein option for dairy farmers
  • Recovers quickly after grazing
  • High mineral content, particularly zinc, potassium and copper
Farm Type

Rocket Fuel® is a versatile PGG Wrightson Seeds mix to fuel your animals. A combination of chicory, white clover and red clover with excellent animal performance potential. A high proportion of clover assists with the supply of nitrogen into the soil profile, promoting the growth of chicory to provide a dense cover to discourage weeds, including volunteer grass. The red clover component, alongside chicory, will provide high quality feed through a dry season, helping to reduce risk in summer dry areas.

Rocket Fuel® produces a leafy, high-quality feed over spring, summer and autumn months, when ryegrass pastures decline in quality. It is a versatile mix that can be sown as a specialist crop for finishing drystock or a high protein feed for lactating dairy cows. Rocket Fuel can be used as a 6 month or 2 year crop, depending on the farm system and/or grazing management approach.

Rocket Fuel® is a blend of Puna II chicory, Superstrike® (S/S) Legacy white clover, S/S Quartz white clover and S/S Sensation red clover.

Lambs grazing a pure stand of Puna II chicory. Puna II chicory is included in the Rocket Fuel® mix. 

Sowing and Establishment

Rocket Fuel® is supplied in 13 kg seed bags, which is the sowing rate per hectare. Ensure seed is sown no deeper than 10 mm. Seed may be broadcast or direct drilled into the soil under favourable conditions.

Soil temperatures of 12 °C for spring sowings are recommended; however, early autumn sowing is possible, as long as seedlings are established before the chicory plants become dormant in the cool season.

Sowing rate: 13 kg/ha (1 bag/ha)


Grazing Management

The first grazing should be delayed until plants are established and resistant to being pulled out of the ground (56+ days after sowing) by grazing animals. Rocket Fuel® grows rapidly from October through to late April and should be rotationally grazed to maximise dry matter production and improve plant persistence.

In the first year, grazing should be quick and light to avoid overgrazing and optimise regrowth potential. In winter chicory is semi-dormant and therefore, grazing of companion species must be done carefully to avoid damage to chicory plant crowns (particularly in wet conditions). To maximise dry matter yields and optimise regrowth potential, the pre-grazing height of Rocket Fuel® should not exceed 25 cm while the post-grazing residuals should be no lower than 6 cm.