Stamina™ 5 


  • A grazing-tolerant lucerne that is semi-dormant
  • Tolerates prolonged periods of set stocking and close grazing
  • Highly productive in both grazing and hay/silage systems
  • Strong persistence under grazing
  • Produces excellent quality hay
  • Good overall resistance to most lucerne diseases


Farm Type
  • Sowing Rate 10 kg/ha

Stamina™ 5 is a grazing-tolerant, semi winter dormant lucerne offering excellent yield and forage quality in dryland conditions. High grazing tolerance makes Stamina 5 an ideal choice for grazing systems, while offering flexibility in silage stands that are occasionally grazed.


Bare seed: 8-10 kg/ha
Superstrike® treated seed: 10-14 kg/ha

Stamina 5 Lucerne

An established Stamina™ 5 lucerne crop in Otago. 

Arron Grant

“19 ha of Stamina 5 lucerne stand gets utilised in two ways; firstly to cut haylage for winter supplement and secondly for lamb finishing. It is a great comfort to go down to the farm and see my lambs grazing something green and beneficial. With weight gains of over 300 g/head, this allows us to manage our pastures with good postgrazing residuals and also helps us fill any feed deficits.”

AAron Grant, Central plateau