Phil James, Maraekowhai Station, King Country

Property Maraekowhai Station
Farm Type Sheep and beef
Hectares 1000
Location Taumarunui, King Country
Name Phil James

Maraekowhai Station is comprised of four farms in King Country. Situated in Taumarunui, Maraekowhai Farm, Koiro Farm and Otuiti Farm supply the fourth unit, Nikau Farm, with approximately 20,000 lambs per year.

Nikau Farm is a 1000 hectare finishing block, south east of Te Kuiti, which focuses on finishing sheep and cattle from its sister farms. The highly fertile farm has good infrastructure, ash soils and receives an average annual rainfall of 1500 mm.

With the advice of local retailer representaive, Nikau Farm have implemented a cropping program utilising Pallaton Raphno® prior to autumn regrassing. Last autumn Nikau Farm planted a custom pasture mix of Platform AR37 ryegrass with 5 kg/ha of white clover and 5 kg/ha of red clover to meet their requirements of finishing mixed stock classes.

Nikau Farm has been impressed by the performance of Platform AR37 as it provides a high-quality finishing feed well suited to their grazing programme. Platform has dense fine tillers and supports a healthy legume base. Its excellent high yields bolster their feed supply, when set stocking or rotationally grazing during critical times of the year.

On reflection Farm Manager Phil James explains that “we are looking to incorporate more Platform AR37 in our farm system, we are very impressed with this ryegrass.” Going forward they will continue to use Platform, and when they review regrassing options in January, their decision will be very easy to make.